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Women in Leadership


The UK has one of the worst records on gender equality, with men outperforming women on pay, board-level representation, and the gap between male and female employment.

Women earn 14.1% less than men (Fawcett Society) and typically receive less than half of the bonus men receive ( Women with degrees face a pay gap too – aggregate figures (where full-time and part-time stats are combined) reveal a 23% pay gap.

But the future’s looking up. More women are working than ever before, the UK has progressive maternity and flexible working legislation, and the percentage of women running their own companies, in senior leadership roles, and in Parliament continues to grow.

Here at the Students’ Union, the track record isn’t great. Since 1952, there have been just 8 women presidents. 


So, what’s going on?

We believe that women will not achieve equal representation until there’s a sea of change educating them to be leaders, and developing their self-confidence so they know that they are strong, capable and inspirational.

We are not happy to sit back and wait for gender equality to happen. That’s why, in such a key year marking women’s representation, we are launching our new Women in Leadership programme.

This programme is for any student who identifies as a woman, and is here to encourage you to develop your skills and confidence and consider standing in the 2020 Exec Officer elections. It is made up of a series of 4 workshops and one follow-up session in the spring:

If you are interested in being part of the Women in Leadership programme, we want to hear from you. Perhaps you’re someone who has been involved in the SU before, but still feel like you want to develop your skills that bit further. These sessions have been designed to give you the skills to take on new challenges, explore ideas with women in various leadership positions, and effectively career plan with the help of mentors. You will develop the necessary tools to confidently run in the SU Elections, should you choose, and navigate the Officer role successfully if elected. Applicants will be asked to do pre-work and reflection on each session. Fill in your details on the below form and we’ll be in touch.

Applications are now open. please contact Raph to find out more and apply.