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Campaigning for change
Women's Network

Huddersfield's Women's Network is for all women (trans, cis and intersex) and non-binary people, including those with complex gender identities who associate in some way with the term women as well as those who experience misogyny. This is an intersectional networking group that aims to create change locally, institutionally and nationally for women.

The Students’ Union is working with women to ensure they have the best support and equal access to opportunities, creating change around safety on campus, tackling the gender pay gap or fundraising for local women's charities.

Want to be a part of the network?

We're looking for passionate and motivated students who identify with the term women, to ensure that those students are heard, better represented and voice their views from a position of authenticity.

Want to speak to the Women's Network?

Women’s Network members are volunteers. They offer their time to the scheme to run campaigns, challenge the university structures and ensure equality on campus for women..

If you would like to ask for support from the LGBT+ Network then please contact Raphaella Ward (

Training and Events

The Tracker

Keeping track of your activities as a Women’s network member is important, we can share information from the tracker about updates of changes, express any issues that might need support from the Students' Union and see what needs changing. All information shared is not strictly confidential, as we may look to action your comments.