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We believe students of all genders should be able to enjoy their time at Huddersfield without experiencing rape, sexual abuse or harassment.

Thanks to a student policy suggestion, Huddersfield Students’ Union has a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment and wants students to feel safe wherever they choose to go.

Harassment can happen anywhere, but research from the NUS Hidden Marks survey tells us that it is more likely to happen in bars and clubs at night. With this in mind, we started our own We’ve Got Your Back campaign in November 2015, with the aim that students will feel safer out in Huddersfield, 

Most people don't report harassment. Some people feel embarrassed, or think that they won’t be taken seriously. We believe that our members should never have to put up with sexual harassment, and we take all reports of sexual harassment very seriously.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment can be verbal (comments about a person's body, spreading sexual rumours, sexual remarks or accusations, dirty jokes or stories), physical (grabbing, rubbing, flashing or mooning, touching, pinching in a sexual way, sexual assault) or visual (display of naked pictures or sex-related objects, obscene gestures). Sexual harassment can happen to women and men, transgender and intersex persons, and those who are non gender-conforming. It is not limited by sexual orientation.

We’ve Got Your Back Project

This project’s core purpose is to deliver training to bars within Huddersfield.

The training will involve:

  • Defining and raising awareness of sexual harassment and assault
  • Create and understanding of how these issues can impact students’ well being
  • Explain why it is important that they tackle these issues in their venues
  • Help venues to put a procedure in place to help potential incidents

If, as a local bar or club, you would like to be accredited through this project, please get in touch with us at or on 01484 471 484.

Students should look out for the ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ logo in bars and clubs around the town centre. This logo shows that the staff have received training from us and know what to do if an incident occurs.

Further support is available via the SU Advice Centre.