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The SU should write to the Huddersfield MP & the NUS to ask the govt to suspend exports to the US

by IBRAHIM MALIK 04 June 2020, 23:08

Category: Equalities

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The SU Exec Tean have written to the MP for Huddersfield and to the NUS President on this issue. We are currently awaiting their responses.

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Black lives matter 2

UK manufactured tear gas or rubber bullets are exported to the US govt. Recent footage following the murder of George Floyd has shown that the police in the US are using such weapons against peaceful protestors, civilians, and members of the press.  British law requires exports to be suspended if they are used for internal repression. Bearing this in mind the SU should write a letter to the NUS and the Huddersfield MP, Barry Sheerman asking them to use whatever means available to them, to pressurize the UK Govt to suspend the exports of such security equipment used against protestors in the United States.