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The Set up of a huddersfield nightline service

by HELENa EVERINGTON 21 September 2019, 00:22

Category: Student Wellbeing

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At a time where mental health issues are on the rise and mental health services are being cut by the government,  Nightline would help isolated students feel like they have someone to talk to. The university pushes the big white wall, but the forum format doesn't work for everyone as there is no option to have a live conversation. Students who may be visually impaired, dyslexic or have other non-visable disabilities may find it hard to access platforms like Big White Wall. 

A nightline service is perfect for everyone, as people who are too nervous to ring or have hard of hearing can use the email or instant chat messanger option. And those who find it difficult to process words on a screen for whatever reason have the option to call. 

The majority of universities have nightline service and it is a massive oversight that Huddersfield does not offer this. I raised this in my first year and despite it recieving many upvotes, no information was given as to why this was not proceeded with. Now that I'm starting third year, I doubt that this service would come to any fruitiation before my graduation. However, I want it not for myself but for the students who are sat silently in their accomodation wishing they had someone to talk to at night, or someone who understood their position as a uni student and someone who has been specially trained and volunteered to give up their time to help them.