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by JAMES MOSS 17 April 2018, 17:22

Category: Your Union

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Whilst we may not be able to have drop-ins for Officers at the moment, Officers can be contacted by email and on all their social media profiles. 

Accountability Panels are forums open to all students as observers, and questions can be submitted through our social media platforms, our website, or by email to

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SU Officers should each hold a 1 hour-2 hour slot each week in a lecture theatre in order to provide students with the opportunity to raise issues as it seems extremely difficult to get hold of an SU Officer and sort a meeting out and the turnover time between sending an email out and receiving a reply is too long.


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    LUCY CLARKE   wrote, 27-04-2018 - 21:08

    Would love to see this!

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    Lucy French   wrote, 01-05-2018 - 13:31

    Hi James, we would love it if you could come in and chat about this? We're always trying to improve the way we communicate and feedback to students - please contact and hopefully we can organise for you to drop in for a chat with myself and the officers :)

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