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SU Branded reusable coffee cups

by Adesewa Adebisi 09 November 2017, 09:30

Category: Huddersfield

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Coffee cup

Your Community Officer Tom, was talking to a student around sustainability practices at Huddersfield University. The student proposed the following idea to Tom:

"I was in the Course Reps meeting on Friday when you came to ask about any ideas we had for making the Uni more sustainable. I've had an idea about the disposable coffee cups that are used around campus. The cups I've used aren't able to be recycled because of a plastic film inside them. I'm pretty sure this is similar across the campus meaning that thousands of cups will end up on a landfill site after a very short life span. 

The idea I had came from a festival I went to, where you could buy your first drink in a reusable cup (which would cost you and extra £1). You could use it for the whole event and once you were leaving either take the cup with you or hand it back into the bar in exchange for £1. So you were getting a cup to use around the site and reducing avoidable waste (Link Here).

I was thinking about this being applied to the Uni, where all on-site cafes provide the option for reusable cups to be bought. I also thought the aspect of being able to return your cup to any cafe around campus, not just the one you bought it at, would be attractive."