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Students to be crucial part of the recruitment of teaching staff

by THOMAS ROLLS 14 November 2019, 10:55

Category: Your Studies

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"Teaching standards are high at Huddersfield. In 2017, the University won the first Global Teaching Excellence Award by the Higher Education Academy. The award recognises the University’s world-class teaching and overall success in developing students as independent learners and critical thinkers. Your teachers at Huddersfield are prepared to help ambitious students like you define your goals and achieve success in your education and your career development."

Our University is proud to deliver a world-class education with teachers dedicated to helping us achieve our goals. Whether you have a host of amazing and inspiring teachers or dread every lecture, this Big Idea is for you. Students should be a crucial part of the process that recruits amazing teaching staff into our University - our perspective and voice can help the University to maintain its standards of education, and ensure that we the students receive an education we are excited about. 

My Big Idea is for students to be a crucial part of the recruitment process of all new teaching staff at the University. 


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    MARIOLA PIENIAZEK   wrote, 02-12-2019 - 20:29

    This is a great idea giving students the opportunity to get involved into recruitment and selection process of teaching staff.

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