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Students should not have to turn their cameras on in online lectures

by JACOB LIVINGSTONE 11 February 2021, 13:17

Category: Your Studies

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Student's should not feel forced to turn their cameras on in online lectures if they do not wish to. Student's are feeling pressured to turn their cameras on in lectures when they would prefer not to, especially female presenting students who may feel a pressure to appear "camera ready" by wearing makeup and doing their hair. First year students may also not feel comfortable as they do not know their coursemates, and if the session is being recorded, students may not want to appear on a recording that will stay on Brightspace. There is also a potential safeguarding risk for students that have caring reponsibilities, be that a parent, a child, or other family member. 


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    TRINITY-LEIGH GRAY   wrote, 09-03-2021 - 19:59

    Fully agree with this! makes me very uncomfortable

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