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Student rep noticeboard for individual school reps

by Liz Fraser 27 November 2019, 10:21

Category: Your Studies

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I am suggesting that there should be a notice board in each school with the names, faces and email addresses of each of the student reps alongside which course they are representing (as long as the rep is okay with this).

This would allow the students on that course to know who they can take there problems, questions, etc.. too.  And also allows an easier way to contact someone, as finding an individual student can often be hard especially when you aren't in the same classes as them.

I would also suggest that a list be affixed to the board as well with what the students can tell their reps about, e.g. suggestions for lectures, maintenance issues,  staff not putting slides in Brightspace, Wanting a microwave, etc...


We also welcome comments on suggestions for other ways we can let students know who their academic rep is.