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Project Buddy – A Platform to nurture human connections

by KARIM SALEH 17 October 2020, 17:37

Category: Student Wellbeing

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Update: This idea passed at the recent big idea jury. This will now become an objective for the SU Executive Team to deliver on. 

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Project buddy

I have been thinking that since we all have started studying from our home or student halls, that we students, are missing one of the most essential parts of the student experience; to meet new people… to make new friends... to collaborate… to inspire… and I do believe I have found the solution.


I present to you ‘Project Buddy’; A project where students in the ‘new normal’ of being online can get to meet new people. The project would essentially be helping students to connect to one another, building a sense of community. Where students around Huddersfield can develop new friendships, make memories and be inspired to push themselves out of their comfort zone.


This is how ‘Project Buddy’ could work; students from our university would fill out a form that asks them for their interest and preferred channels of communication. Channels of communication can vary from a zoom-to-zoom call, exchanging of letters or through a social media platform. The process of matching ‘Buddies’ would take place once or twice a month.


Some people aren't really that confidant in making friends (myself included...) and having something like ‘Project Buddy’ would help us actively make student life better. Allowing us to achieve the goal of a community where we all acknowledge our differences and have a bond toward one another.


Idea Mission Statement:

‘Project Buddy’ aims to raise awareness towards mental health issues, combat isolation and loneliness by pairing students as ‘Buddies’ building a sense of community where we all acknowledge our differences and have a bond toward one another.


Idea Vision Statement:

Together to nurture human connections.


How can you help?

I would really appreciate if you can provide feedback on the idea. Also, it would be really appreciated if you have got any suggestions in regard to how ‘Project Buddy’ should be executed. Bellow I have listed some potential key points that can be discussed to shape the Platform in the best possible way.


  • Naming the project, considered names so far ‘Project Buddy’, ‘Hey Pal’ and ‘Code Name Buddy’... if you have any suggestion or feedback regarding the naming please feel free.
  • What should be the interests included on the form that would be used to pair ‘Buddies’.


What I am asking from our Student Union?

  • Provide the support and resources needed to launch the platform.
  • Help Launch Trials of the Platform in Student Halls to perfect and fine tune the pairing process. Once the trial period is complete, platform would be available university-wide.


Disclaimer – ‘Project Buddy’ is an adaption of “Buddy Project’ a US based project that aims to prevent self-harm and suicide, ‘Buddy Project’ has not been active since January 11th of 2020.


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    NICOLE STANLEY   wrote, 21-10-2020 - 13:36

    Brilliant idea! Loving the name! Maybe as well as interests you could pair people up according to location too so it makes it easier to meet if covid allows it at some point.

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