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NUS - Students to vote on NUS leadership

by THOMAS ROLLS 13 March 2018, 13:33

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In the current system, the Union sends a number of delegates to the NUS National Conference dependent on the student population (Huddersfield gets five). Each of these delegates gets one vote per position in the NUS Leadership Elections. 

However, there are a few issues:

          - We elect NUS delegates in October, but NUS Leadership Candidates don't all announce until February

          - NUS leadership candidates only have to appeal to delegates, NOT students (As a previous NUS delegate I can tell you that Delegates are a very                  different type of student) 

           - Our delegates are not voted in by the same proportion of votes (271, 149, 125 and 125 this year) but all receive one equal vote for the candidate of               their choice

I propose:

          Students vote on where they want Huddersfield's votes to go in the NUS National Conference Elections (President and Vice Presidents) 

This will: 

          - Bring the NUS closer to our students 

          - Force the NUS Leadership to appeal more to the broader student population they should represent

          - Send more accurate votes in terms of which candidates appeal most to the Huddersfield Student Population 

          - Allow students who can't or would not stand for an NUS position to have their voice heard

This Big Idea is NOT to say we don't have amazing delegates; this is the put the votes for the National Union of Students' Leadership directly into the students' hands, and to give our students direct ownership over the NUS's future. 

This will only affect the Officer elections for those elected at the National Conference