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More Recycling options throughout campus

by KIRSTEN TYSON 24 February 2020, 21:06

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In comparison to many other global campuses as well as cities, there is an extreme lack of recycling throughout the campus. Even on observation in buildings, such as the new Barbara Hepworth building, the recycling option is not optional on some floors.We found there was only one bin bag for both general waste and recycling. which resulted in them being combined. especially in the Barbra Hepworth building, there should be a clear bin set out to recycling and general waste, considering how much paper the building goes through. 

Recycling bins should be separately set out from general waste in order to deter the possibility of combining the two of which recently happened.

By doing this Huddersfield university would be taking a step in the right direction to be a more environmentally conscious campus, something lacking within the UK.