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Lobby our University to Declare a Climate Emergency

by SAMUEL TATE 25 September 2019, 11:56

Category: Petition

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A petition has been made by the Greener Campus society to lobby our university to declare a 'Climate Emergency'. The SU should support this and push it through to the Estates and Facilities to take into account the signatures of students and staff on campus who have signed and are continuing to sign the petition.

Declaring a climate mergency involves:

- Becoming Carbon neutral by 2030
- Divesting from fossil fuels by 2025
- Creating a sustainability working group enabling sustainability champions to lead this change
- Re-write the universities sustainability / environmental policy
- Reducing plastic waste to ZERO. Vito any products sold on campus containing or having used plastic by 2025
- Become the 3rd university in the country to do this.

These are but a few things that can be done and the university have already adopted some of them. Sign the petition made by the greener campus society to create a huge change for the better on campus that will benefit everyone's futures. 

(For further details regarding what's involved with  declaration of a climate emergency contact the greener campus society through their facebook page)