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Introduce part-time liberation officers

by LUCY CLARKE 21 April 2018, 12:33

Category: Equalities

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This idea is to introduce a group of paid, part-time, liberation officers to the Students' Union that will work to ensure the voices of underrepresented groups are heard on campus. This is a system that is in place, and working well, at multiple other Unions in the UK. This would safeguard the representation of all marginalised groups on campus through elected representatives that are chosen for students, by students. Institutional representation is key as there is always a chance that the executive team that is elected will be all male, all white, all non-LGBTQ etc and so creating specific representational roles is key in ensuring that marginalised voices are heard. These students will be paid an SU wage to run campaigns and events on campus at a set number of hours per week/month to make sure that they will be doing their job to the fullest of their ability. 

Suggested officers include the following:

  • BME Students Officer
  • Womens Students Officer
  • LGBTQ+ Students Officer
  • Trans Students Officer
  • Students with Dependents Officer
  • Commuting Students Officer
  • Disabled Students Officer
  • International Officer
  • Mature Students Officer