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Hot Water From University Owned Stalls Should Be Free

by LAURA BONSELL 06 February 2019, 11:43

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All university owned food stalls have varying prices of hot water from free to between 20p-55p. Some stalls offer a reusable cup discount, others do not. All hot water should be free, or 25p and a 25p reusable cup discount should be available.

I appreciate the university has little control of prices of Costa and Starbucks prices.


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    CHARLOTTE LODGE   wrote, 08-03-2019 - 23:42

    Excellent idear

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    ADAM ISMAIL   wrote, 01-11-2019 - 09:20

    The Starbucks fills your own cup with hot water for free. Scholars rest and the faith centre have the hot water taps. I was charged 25p at the business school shop which I think is ridiculous.

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