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Free tampon/pad machines for female students

by SARAH BULLOCK 05 December 2019, 22:27

Category: Equalities

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The Newcastle University has become one of the first universities to offer free sanitary products for female members of the university! 
Menstration is not avoidable! Sanitary products are not a luxury, they are a necessity! 
I believe we should follow in this lead and set up a free sanitary dispenser in university toilets! 


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    CAROLINE DEVONPORT   wrote, 09-12-2019 - 21:23

    Or free reusable sanitary items, like Mooncups

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    TRISTAN SMITH   wrote, 10-12-2019 - 10:58

    It would also be really important to have these installed in other spaces since not everyone who menstruates is a woman and so do not all use female toilets. Putting them in gender neutral toilets or outside toilets altogether would be beneficial to everyone.

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