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Final Year Students to have Open Book assessment where appropriate in 2021/22 assessments

by JACOB LIVINGSTONE 18 May 2021, 00:49

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Those students entering their final year in the 2021/22 academic year, especially those going straight onto final year and not having been away on placement, have had their studies majorly disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For those students, their first on campus exam would be to count towards the lions share of their degree, something that will no doubt cause increased stress and anxiety on an already stressful time. The benefit of open book assessments is that, for the most part, they mirror real life where you would not necessarily be expected to perform a task completely from memory without checking what to do. Renowned psychologist Afshin Gharib from the Dominican University of California wrote that open book exams emphasize deep knowledge and also mimic reality closer than closed-book exams "…Eilertsen and Valdermo (2000) argued that an open-book exam encourages greater engagement and improves understanding of course material. Feller (1994) further suggested that the open-book exam is superior to closed-book exams as it is more realistic—similar to problem-solving situations students are likely to face outside of academia. And of course, students prefer open-book to closed-book exams and find them less stressful (Philips, 2006)."

Students could still be brought onto campus and sat under exam conditions, but be allowed access to notes and extra reading they have compiled throughout the year.