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End of Year / Graduation Party

by MATT BROADBENT 27 October 2020, 12:30

Category: Student Activities

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With Covid-19 limiting students' social life, I feel that an end of year/ graduation party will benefit the student body hugely. Our plans for this year and the years to come will need to be re-thought due to the pandemic, so a student graduation party will, at least, give us something to look forward to. Of course, this is reliant on Covid restrictions being lifted, but I feel that the positive effect on students motivations provides enough incentive to take a chance on this idea. Additionally, if Covid restrictions are not looking like they will be lifted by June and party needs to be postponed, this will give students a good opportunity to catch up with their mates once we have moved onto the next steps in our lives. The University would benefit too as it could take in revenue from the event from affordable ticket sales, pop up bars and sponsors. It would also help to expand our ability to reach future students if this was to become an annual event as I think we all know that the University of Huddersfield is, and has for a while, been lacking social activities for its students.