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Downloadable lecture capture

by KEAGAN FURLONG 06 November 2017, 16:10

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Pgrs lecture

I don't want to use loads of data, so make the lecture capture downloadable, that way I can watch it on the train or just listen to it while working out or driving. 

If you struggled with the lesson then hearing it again and again at your own conveniance would help you benefit.


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    KHADIJA BEGUM   wrote, 07-11-2017 - 14:15


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    ANNA WILLIS   wrote, 07-11-2017 - 22:13

    The way my old uni used to do it was by automatically capturing the session’s audio and video of the computer screen, then auto upload to a podcast every day. Each module had its own podcast. Just sign up and download to iTunes. Perfect.

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    LISA JAMES   wrote, 13-11-2017 - 13:01

    Yessss!!!! Currently I am being asked to download an app, but I am unable to do so, therefore I am unable to view missed lectures or go back to a previous one.

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