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Create a Comprehensive Education for Staff on and about Transgender People

by Anonymous 25 January 2021, 10:29

Category: Equalities

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Since starting Huddersfield University in September it has been very clear that comprehensive education for staff on trans issues and interacting with trans is seriously needed. Consistant issues around school include grouping by gender, consistent misgendering even after being repeatedly corrected, dismissal of misgendering and trans issues and the severity of it, repetitive inappropriate questions and language when referring too and about trans people and generally a clear lack of knowledge and understanding about and around trans people. I'm asking for mandatory and comprehensive training for all staff to give them the understanding and knowledge they need to create an inclusive environment for trans people with the possibility of optional and more in depth training for those that want it. just added that bit Everyone has the right to feel safe and respected and this could do so for both transgender students and staff.


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    DOMINIC GILL   wrote, 01-02-2021 - 00:10

    Fully behind this! Would hopefully help put a stop to the amount of microaggressions our trans and non-binary friends experience.

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    Ingarr Berge   wrote, 03-02-2021 - 12:01

    This would be very much appreciated, seeing how needed it is! The uni can and should do better

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    Curtis BRIGGS   wrote, 03-02-2021 - 19:31

    Great idea!!

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    MEGAN MORLEY   wrote, 03-02-2021 - 19:33

    This is a fab idea! Could it also be extended to include education about non-binary. Even just the simple thing of starting a lecture “welcome ladies and gentlemen” could make someone feel instantly excluded from the group.

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