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Bike-friendly campus

by BARBORA VACKOV 19 October 2019, 11:58

Category: Huddersfield

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This Big Idea has been assigned to our Community Officer, who works on sustainability issues. Watch this space for an update!

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(posted on behalf of my housemate, who is doing a joint degree with another university and therefore cannot access this site)

Hello! I am wondering why the Campus is so bike unfriendly. My experience with other campuses over the North of England is that it's possible to park a bicycle safetly in front of any building. Here at the University of Huddersfield, there's one bicycle parking at the far end of the campus. Not very practical, and not very eco-friendly. Can anyone do something about it?


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    Tauheedul Ali   wrote, 25-10-2019 - 09:37

    Hi, I agree... for those of us that own cars, it's impractical to bring it in because of cumulative parking costs and parking time restrictions. Allowing students to bring in bikes and located conveniently might alleviate some of that burden?

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