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Ban the sales of all bottled water on campus to reduce plastic waste

by SAMUEL TATE 18 December 2018, 14:27

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The University of Leeds had a referendum recently to ban all sales of bottled water and it passed. They were selling 200,000 bottles of water a year!! Imagine the irreparable damage to our environment!

The UoL has 38,000 students. The UoH has 20,000 students. If we sold a proportional amount asUoL then that could be 100,000 bottles of water a year?? Do you want to contribute to this plastic waste?

With there being so many water fountains, the sales of bottled water is not necessary.

Lets stop this now!



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    BETHANY WOODCOCK   wrote, 18-12-2018 - 14:59

    Such a brilliant initiative, the SU should also look into stocking cheaper reusable alternatives (possibly branded?)

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    SAMUEL TATE   wrote, 18-12-2018 - 15:04

    Considering how there are so many water fountains across campus it is inexcusable to be purchasing bottles of water!

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    SAMUEL TATE   wrote, 18-12-2018 - 20:55

    Please note, this isn't a ban for all bottled drinks, this is just for bottled water specifically. Juice drinks and fruit juice will still be available. If you say no and dislike, can you please comment here and say why? If you vote no and dislike it because you like bottled water say so, or if its because you are scared you won't get a drink if you don't have a reusable bottle with you, say so and we can tell you the alternatives!

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