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The Thank You Awards are your chance to say thanks to someone who really deserves it. These two little words might not seem like a lot, but they can mean the world to someone else.

We all know someone at the University who has helped to make our time here that much better. Whether that is a lecturer who goes the extra mile with their teaching, inspiring us to work that little bit harder. A member of support staff that mentors and helps us when things get tough, or a Course Rep who works hard to turn your ideas into actions and improve your course.

There are 7 Awards up for grabs at this year's Thank You Awards and you can nominate a member of staff from the University, Students’ Union or a Course Rep. 

The staff award categories this year are as follows:  

Equality and Diversity
This award will go to a member of staff who actively demonstrates that they challenge inequality and diversity. Chooses a reading list which includes a wide range of cultures in authorship. Challenges the behaviours and language of students. Tailors their teaching to recognise women, the BAME community, students with access requirements and commuter students. 

Empowerment and Growth
Please nominate a member of staff who goes above and beyond to offer additional training, support, social capital and transformative opportunities. Allowing students to expand their university experience by developing their skills. 

Post-Graduate Teaching
Please nominate a Post Graduate Researcher who really knows their stuff and is doing a great job teaching at an Undergraduate level.

Nominations are welcome for a staff member who considers both environmental and long term continuity within their courses and embeds this into their teaching practices.

Challenging and Passionate Teaching
Nominations are welcome for an inspirational staff member who inspires students on a daily basis.


The Course Rep Award categories this year are as follows:  

Excellence in Communication
Nominate a Course Rep who has developed and honed their skills, ensuring that students, the University and the Students’ Union share information as effectively as possible.

Making Student Life Better
Nominate a Course Rep who has worked with the University to make a significant change that directly improves the student experience.