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The Student's Union Awards


The annual Students’ Union Awards is a great way to round off term two.  It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate what students in every area of the Students’ Union have achieved, by recognising hard work and achievements of both individuals and groups. As so many of you have been doing loads of amazing stuff, we’ve added even more awards this year!

At the SU Awards, we bring together student staff, Sports Clubs, Societies, Academic Reps, Peer Mentors, campaigners and event organisers and celebrate the varied achievements in one magical evening. There are twenty-one Awards up for grabs, including the Outstanding Contribution to Student Life Award, this one is awarded to the individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the Union as a whole. 

The SU Awards is an evening not to be missed! This year's theme is Midnight Garden, make sure to grab your FREE tickets, dress to impress and join us for an evening celebrating ambition, imagination and achievement.

Know someone that has gone above and beyond to make a difference? Perhaps your Sports Club, Society or Academic Society has made a great achievement this year? Maybe it’s time to reward the hard work put into a campaign or fantastic event? Now is your chance to nominate the people you think deserve recognition.