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The Students' Union Awards

This week we celebrated our SU Awards. Although we usually meet together on campus, this year we moved to a live streamed event via YouTube. (You can still watch it on our channel if you’d like!)

The SU Awards is always an occasion we look forward to every year and although we weren’t physically sitting in the same room, we came together to celebrate the great things you have all done to make student life better!

Here's the outcome of the event in case you missed it!

Students’ Union Staff Member of the Year


Tristan Smith

Chris Thompson

Fred Greenway

Ronaldo Tanjung

Catarina Paulo

Winner: Catarina Paulo!

Catarina has worked very hard as one of the HSU Neighbours team to organise and run successful events bringing together students in halls and work on outreach across campus. Since the Lockdown came into pace, she has worked tirelessly to put in place online spaces where students can meet and discuss shared interests such as books and has helped to organise events where students can come together virtually.

Most Engaged Academic Rep of the Year


Mel Reed

Amelia Norris

Liz Fraser

Karim Saleh

Winner: Karim Saleh !

Karim has shown complete dedication to his role and really gets the job done. Regularly turning up to events and consistently getting involved with anything in the Students’ Union. Karim has met with students and continually been there.

Academic Rep Award for Excellence in Communication


Kieran Wynne

Mel Reed

Rebekah Aslett

Winner: Mel Reed!


Mel has been described as someone who shows they care. They have taken the time to make sure their peers have the information, understand the information and can give feedback where necessary. They share ideas, and ensure that students feel listened to.


Outstanding Progress - Sports Club




Men’s Rugby Union

Women’s Football

Winner: Women’s Football!


Following years of mid-table, or lower, finishes the team won this year's league by winning all but 2 of their matches to gain promotion. An excellent achievement alongside improving relationships with other sports clubs and increasing the number of social members to create an outstanding community.

Outstanding Progress - Society



Mental Health Society


Winner: RadioHud!

After a year of mostly inactivity this year's committee have worked very hard to get the station broadcasting and running events that students want to take part in. The committee raised a record £403 for Forget Me Not Children's Hospice during their 24hr broadcast event and put on a successful RadioHud Presents event. The committee has also supported the Students' Union in providing coverage of the SU Officer Elections.

Outstanding Progress - Academic Society


HUES (Engineering Society)

HUBSoc (Business Society)

Physiotherapy Society

Winner: HUBSoc!

This year's committee has worked incredibly hard to put on events every month for their members to get involved in. From hosting quiz nights, to guest lectures alongside collaborating with other societies, there has been something for everyone. The committee have also raised money for charity by leading this year's Movember campaign, working closely with the SU throughout.

Event of the Year


HUBSoc (Business Society) - World of Coffee

The ADA Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Sweeney Todd (Music Society Production)

Winner: The ADA Big Fat Quiz of the Year

ADA made a considerable amount of effort with planning, organisation and execution. This event was a collaborative event, building better communities. It was fun, inclusive, social and well organised. They had a great turn-out and feedback and raised money for charity too!

Women in Leadership Awards

These women undertook the Women in Leadership programme. They have shown outstanding drive and commitment to their own development but also to supporting other women to be confident in positions of leadership.

This year the following people took part:

Hafsa Omer Al Ansari

Shameela Ilyas

Jessica Cappell

Humayra Sacha

Chelsea Claire Sidorowicz

Ha Thi Lam Giang

Fatima Mahmood

Amy Stiff

Wiktoria Nikola Myslicka

Rysheka Hayward-Evans

Diana Abdul Dayem

Hannah May Randall

Afsha Munir

Simona Badea

Bethany Fairhurst

Amy Charlotte Pickard

Kinga Papp

Noora Liesaho

Amelia Norris

Sadaf Eslamian

Anya Mistry

Nashiba Saquib

Jennifer Smith

Fatema Javed

Women’s Campaigner Award


Sadaf Eslamian

Charlotte Lodge

Isma Rashid

Winner: Sadaf Eslamian!

Sadaf has created wide spread change across the organisation, engaging students along the way by submitting policy to AGM, running a campaign to tackle the stigma around clothing and consent, has been an advocate for other women and has submitted changes that she'd like seen to the tracker that go on to create change.

BAME Ambassadors Award


Ibrahim Malik

Fatima Mahmoud

Winner: Fatima Mahmoud!

Fatima has been a very engaged ambassador, has been present at networks, university meetings, and has worked closely with the team here at the SU. This person has worked particularly hard on their World Hijab Day campaign.

LGBTQ+ Campaigner Award


Tristan Smith

Amelia Norris

Ben Nicholls

Winner: Tristan Smith!

Tristan has created widespread change across the organisation. He has engaged students along the way by submitting big ideas, attending committees to hold the university accountable, running events and campaigns for LGBT+ History Month. He has been an advocate for other LGBT+ students and has submitted changes that he'd like seen to the tracker that go on to create change.

Disabled Students Campaigner Award


Amelia Norris

Jake Livingstone

Rose Jedari-Jebari


Winner: Amelia Norris!

Amelia has been at the forefront of representing disabled students by working with senior members of staff at the university, creating change to the curriculum and to services.They have been attending network meetings, feeding into the tracker, running events and activities to engage with the wider student body whilst also running campaigns. They also ran in NUS liberation delegate elections and were elected as the Disabled Students Delegate by the network.

Global Citizens Award


Neha Rodrigues

Ibrahim Malik

Winner: Neha Rodrigues!

Neha has been working with both the international office to get better representations and connection between the SU and international office to create change for students. Neha has also been to numerous global citizens network meetings to feed student experiences into discussions in order for international students' views to be better represented.

Campaign of the Year


Sexual Assault Stigma Exhibition

No Pride In Poverty Campaign

Winner: No Pride In Poverty!

This campaign had a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and determination behind it. It was effective not just for students but the wider community. It reflected our values as an SU as well - helping to support a local Food Bank in the local community. Over 1 month, the campaign donated supplies and over £300 pounds.

Society of the Year


Musical Theatre Society


3D Printing Society

Winner: 3D Printing Society!

3D Printing leads the way in how to communicate with members and the Students' Union - they keep everyone informed of everything that students can get involved in. One thing that they're not good at though, is shouting about their huge achievements! Creating a 3D map of Huddersfield for blind and partially sighted people to use and more recently helping the fight against Coronavirus by 3D printing PPE for the NHS to use. Not only do they have a sense of community as a society, they also use their skills to improve the lives of other people!

Sports Club of the Year


Women’s Football



Women’s Rugby Union

Winner: Women’s Rugby Union!

What a year it has been for women's sport! This category was incredibly hard to choose from but the winners stood out for all their tireless work to get to where they did by the end of the season! The team that Women's Rugby Union put out week in week out was mainly made up of women who had never picked up a rugby ball before university. Out of the 10 league games, the team won 9 of them, picking up bonus points along the way, to mean that they won their league with a 22pt lead over 2nd place. Another amazing achievement is that in some of the games they could only field 13 players. This didn't stop them and they beat their opponents even if the opposition played with 15 players. The team has had an incredible year!

Academic Rep of the Year


Georgia Addison

Shaista Shiraz

Craig Dominique-Smith

Winner: Craig Dominique-Smith!

Craig has been described as being a wonderful advocate, a natural leader and an outstanding communicator. He has shown drive and passion for their role making meaningful change at school and university level for their academic area. He continues to do this year-after-year. He has evidenced that he has used his time as a rep to achieve real, positive change and has raised ideas, achieved change and maintained a positive working relationship with students, the University and the Students’ Union.

Academic Society of the Year


HUMS (Music Society)

Midwifery Society

Architecture Society

HUBSoc (Business Society)

Winner: Midwifery!

Midwifery constantly and consistently organises events for their members. Events this year include: LGBTQ+ inclusion in midwifery day, Beyond Bea bereavement day, Bearing witness: Vicarious trauma , midwifery and you. Their events supplement their course content perfectly and their society is a proper community for their members many of whom work lengthy placements - this doesn't stop them from achieving as a society.

Outstanding Contribution to the Students’ Union Award

This years’ winner: Younes Chahid!

Younes set up the 3D Printing Society in 2016 and during his two years as President was nationally recognised for the achievement of his society, which included making a prosthetic hand for 10 year old Kelsie who had been born without fingers on her right hand. He then went on to set up a national society for 3D printers and at the moment that network is creating parts for the protective visors needed by NHS workers during the current pandemic.

Not only has he demonstrated the leadership qualities needed to set up a society from scratch, but he has then been able to take those skills to a national level and create products that can change, and save, lives. We are incredibly proud that we were able to support such an inspiring student and we look forward to seeing what amazing things Younes achieves in the future.

Well done to everyone who was shortlisted and won this year. We love seeing what you are capable of and can’t wait to get back to campus for 2020/21 to see what you will do next!

With love, from your SU x


The Student's Union Awards