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Campaigning In Huddersfield
Campaigning In Huddersfield

So the government want to close the A&E in Huddersfield. The Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are proposing to close down the Accident and Emergency facilities at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. This is obviously a bad thing as it will mean that, depending on where you are when you need A&E, you might have to go as far as Leeds, Halifax or Manchester etc to get patched up. It’s not too late to get this overturned though.

What we need to do

  1. Sign our petition
  2. Sign the Government petition

It's important to everyone in the area that this doesn't happen. Let’s get it changed.

We have so far joined the campaign to save A&E at Huddersfield as we believe it is in students’ best interests to have a full Accident & Emergency service here in Huddersfield.

The CCG will be coming to the Students’ Union on Monday 14th March from 10am until 4pm to gather your views on the proposed changes. If you want to have your say, come along to Level 5. Find out more and express your interest via the official Facebook event.

To find out more about the #HandsOffHRI campaign, have a look at

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University Health Centre

Our local GP surgery, the University Health Centre on campus, has been told it will have its’ NHS England funding cut by £330,000 over three years. As a result, some services and clinics will have to be cut, and doctors are likely to be lost as well. The centre has already lost clinics due to earlier cuts and is vital in helping students deal with issues such as sexual and mental health.

We cannot afford to put students at risk by losing these services, so we’re working with the health centre to fight the cuts.

Find out more about the #SaveOurSurgery campaign on their website where you can also fill out their questionnaire.

You can also help by signing and sharing the petition on social media