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Lorraine Muir

Attended steering committee for the formation of new Trainee Nursing Associate programme, reducing the amount of portfolio reflections and splitting assessments so not all the work has to be handed in on one day. 

Craig Dominique Smith

Made a change in the timetable to allow for a proper lunchtime break If you'd like to win next month, make sure you're recording all your comments, changes and attendance onto the Tracker!



Chloe Dickinson

1. What was the change you made? – I created a ‘positivity pot’ where everyone is welcomed to add in positive comments that students can then use if they are struggling.

2. What motivated you as a rep to deal with this issue? – I just really wanted to help to make others feel better. I think it’s important to give positive messages to others because we don’t say nice things as often as we should.

3. How did winning the award feel and what would you suggest to others? – I would suggest that people just try and take the time to remember to keep positive and be positive towards others.




Elze Demereckaite

Set up a discussion area for reps and cohorts in Brightspace with the aim to reach other classmates with feedback from meetings.