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Your admin office changes depending on which school you belong to.

ADA – RSG/103 or QSG/02


BUS – CS1/09

CE – SJ1/01

EPD – LSG/01

HHS – HWG/24

MHM – OA5/04

Your admin office should be in contact with you with the time and date of your meetings. If this has not happened, please get in contact with your admin office, they may not be aware you are the rep.

You have made a change? Great! Now you could be in the running for winning Academic Rep of the Month if you put your change on The Tracker.

As an Academic Rep we have lots of events available. Coffee Cake and Reps runs every week and provides a Rep community feel along with tea, coffee, and food. There will be an Educating Schools conference for reps and academic staff, based in your school, in November and March; your Academic Rep Assistant will email you about this. We also over a wide range of support, from our Academic Rep Assistants to the Advice Centre!

There are a wide variety of events, volunteering opportunities, clubs and societies, for you to get involved with. These can all be found on our events page!