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Meet fellow reps and have an informal conversation about the week's issues and have your say on topics brought up by the SU team whilst enjoying free food and drink! This is a chance to catch up on important information to do with our academic reps, hear about upcoming events and opportunities, and upload your activities on the tracker.




Coffee Cake and Reps will be on Friday 18th January from 3pm as a part of REFRESHERS and a welcome back for you all.  We will be in the Students’ Union – at the top of the stairs and turn left…


Our plan is to be at Coffee Cake and Reps until the REFRESHERS showing of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at 5:30pm in OA5.5/02, so we can all go down together to watch the film.


Sandwiches and fruit platter will be provided at Coffee, Cake and Rep, with vegan and gluten free options available, and everything is family friendly.


It would be great to see everyone back together at the beginning of term two – please do let us know if you are coming by replying to this mail or joining the Facebook event here.