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Academic reps are the students who volunteer to link together the University and the day to day student experience. Every course has two reps in each year. They listen to the students on the course, sort out one off issues by talking to the University staff and raise other issues at student panel and course committee meeting. Academic reps are the people to give feedback to about how your course is going (the good and the not so good). So find out early who they are and keep talking to them from day one until graduation. They should come into place really early on in term one and say hello to everyone on the course – so look out for them making contact and tell them how things are going.

Academic reps have influenced the University to:

• Change deadlines for submissions of work

• Invite more guest lecturers

• Put on extra study sessions

• Accessed more data storage for students

• Provide additional lab coats

• Implement lecture capture across campus

And lots more like this...