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The Students' Union is an independent charity based on campus, led by students for students; which exists to make student life better. Although we work closely with the University, we're a completely independent organisation. This means we're 100% focused on representing our all of members, the 20,000 + students at the University of Huddersfield, not just undergrads.

Don't forget that as a member of the Students' Union you can stand in our Elections, as an Officer you would be able to make big changes both on and off campus for all students!



The Huddersfield SU community have your best interests at heart and we are always looking at ways in which to develop the support we offer for all students, including PGRs – the more we can talk with you, the more we can act on your feedback, and make the change you want to see at the University. Please keep in touch with us for updates on this work and feel free to contact us with any contributions you may like to make.

We're working together with the University an ongoing development of a PGR teaching policy, we're doing this to ensure:

  • PGR’s get proper teaching or teaching-related experience during their study period
  • PGR’s get the right level of support and training through their teaching experience
  • Undergraduate students have access to excellent teaching from PGR’s
  • Opportunities to get teaching experience that is recognised throughout the world and not just within the confines of their university is afforded to our PGR’s find out more here

We're working to ensure this policy takes into account the relevant issues needing to be addressed from ongoing interactions, in order to reflect a meaningful and positive impact on the PGRs here at Huddersfield. Supporting PGRs is key to Emmanuel’s priorities as President, ensuring PGRs are represented and are empowered to access the PGR representation system. Please feel free to make any contributions or suggestions by contacting us here.


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