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As someone who has already experienced what life is like being a first-year student, you know that it can be thrilling but also intimidating. Many new students will be living away from home for the first time and it can be quite a challenging and confusing time.

That's where having a mentor becomes an invaluable experience. Who else can give better advice on how to tackle various student issues than someone who has already been through it all? Any student can become a Peer Mentor as long as they have a bit of enthusiasm, patience and an interest in working with people.


What is the role of a peer mentor?

  • Being responsible for mentoring a small group of first-year students
  • Helping your peers to settle into university life
  • Directing mentees to relevant services and sources of information when required
  • Being available to meet up with your mentees as appropriate
  • Encouraging mentees to make the most of opportunities to meet one another, becoming involved in campus life and developing their own support network
  • Helping your mentees to find clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities
  • Passing on hints and tips on best places to visit, eat, shop, have fun and study
  • Staying in touch with your mentees during the first year
  • Maintaining confidentiality where appropriate


Benefits of becoming a peer mentor:

  • Attend free training on being a Peer Mentor
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Enhance your CV
  • Receive a certificate of recognition
  • Increase your own confidence by helping others
  • Participate in Peer Mentor Award events
  • Improve skills such as communication, decision making, teamwork, time managing and organising
  • Consolidate your own knowledge about the University and support that is available for students