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Am I going to get paid?

Being a Peer Mentor is voluntary however you are going to get many other benefits such as the diploma of recognition.


How much time am I required to dedicate to peer mentoring?

At the beginning of your mentoring relationship, you may want to meet up with your Mentees occasionally for about half an hour to check up on them and get to know them. After the first few meetings, you may decide to take a different approach. During busy periods, such as exam times, you may not be able to meet as often but still keep in touch via different means such as e-mail, text or social media.


How many Mentees will I have?

We try to allocate from 1 to 3 students per Mentor


Is the program course specific?

No, so far, our Peer Mentoring scheme is focused on first-years across the campus, the main focus being international students.