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Jonathan Stephen: President

Hi folks, I am Jonathan and I’m your SU President for 2018/2019. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology here at Huddersfield and recently completed my first year of my PhD in Psychology. So as you probably guessed, I thrive off people watching but no, I can’t read minds (although that would be cool!).

My Objectives

EDI committee will take place from January. Huddersfield Students’ Union will have 3 seats. Terms of Reference are being formalised.

Continued work with BAME ambassadors, an overview of initiatives can be found here

Discussions with many other Students’ Unions around the country for them to implement their own liberation networks based on our BAME scheme. Set up women’s, LGBTQ+ and disabled students liberation networks. Meetings are set for January to plan the 8implementation of similar schemes as set up by the BAME network.

Youth in democracy focus group set up with Kirklees council. Met with Educating Kirklees and various local councillors and MPs to discuss the importance of viewing University of Huddersfield Students as residents. Attended NCS meetings to explore society and citizenship initiatives. To raise awareness about how universities are pulled from embodying society and citizenship and are more focused on graduate outcomes.

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