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Jonathan Stephen: President

Hi folks, I am Jonathan and I’m your SU President for 2018/2019. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology here at Huddersfield and recently completed my first year of my PhD in Psychology. So as you probably guessed, I thrive off people watching but no, I can’t read minds (although that would be cool!). 

My Objectives

Form an equality, diversity and inclusion network for the academic community, that embeds equity in the structures in the University, as well as meaningful networks being developed and supported.

Support and campaign with the liberation networks including BAME Ambassadors, women’s network, LGBTQ+ network and disabled students network, with the aim of having 85 members across the 4 campaign networks.

Increase youth votes in the local elections, student elections and ensure youth (minds) are empowered in democracy; this will be achieved by working collaboratively with the Youth Council and Kirklees Democracy Commission.


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