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Adetayo Opakunle: Equalities

I am Adetayo, your New Equalities Officer! I am currently taking a break from my Masters degree in International Business Management. I have lived in Huddersfield for some years now and the town is now a home from home for me. The support from the staff, students and the community as a whole continues to greatly impact my life positively.

Equalities, diversity and inclusion for all students in the University is a top priority for me. And in my role, I will be responsible for ensuring that a safe environment is available for all students from different minority groups. Hence, I will be introducing, and working tirelessly on new projects to support our various Student Networks, to enhance better representation and make student life better. 

I will also be introducing a new project to improve communication and engagement with international students. And, in achieving a more inclusive community, I will work diligently to ensure that continued well-being support for postgraduate and mature students is tailored to improve their student life.

Aside academic life, I am willing to give my support wherever I can, please, feel free to walk up to me for a chat.

My Objectives

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