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Emmanuel Haruna: Education

Hi, my name is Emmanuel and I’m your Education Officer for the year 2018/2019. I got my Master’s degree in Oil & Gas Engineering with Management at the University of Huddersfield.  As a life principle, I love to give back to every system that I’ve benefitted from, in order to leave it better for the next generation. I’m an adventurous, welcoming and enthusiastic person.

Gathering from my personal experience as a student during my postgraduate degree and also as a Course Representative for my program, I will be working tirelessly and particularly, to make the academic experience of students better. Your education is my dedication; if it bothers you, it bothers me.

Beyond academic life, I’m more than happy and willing to give all the support I possibly can, feel free to walk up to me for a chat and God-willing, we will sort it. I don’t just want to be a voice for the students but a voice with the students, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and get involved.


My Objectives

This is a joint project with Registry and will impact the student handbook of regulations and policies around academic integrity. It will also ensure there is a benchmark with which to measure schools, and with which to also hold them to account in terms of how students are supported. This will also ensure a fairer and less punitive process for students.


This is working towards creating more availability of peer mentoring across campus, for student-led peer support. A University-wide steering group has also been set up to drive this initiative.

The purpose of the ceremony will be to present awards to staff, students and schools for outstanding contributions to Peer Mentoring, in order to celebrate and encourage the spirit and culture of Peer Mentoring as an initiative.

Creating a Peer Mentoring Society will bring Peer Mentors across campus together to continue to support, encourage and drive Peer Mentoring as a positive initiative in all areas of the University.

This is aimed at giving support to Post-Graduate Research students across campus, and developing a network of engaged PGRs to address the current challenge with underrepresentation.

This is a joint project with Registry, student volunteers and the Advice Centre, aimed at embedding academic integrity best practice across campus to address the increase in the number of students breaching University Regulations around academic integrity.

By starting up a mentoring scheme that provides mentors particularly for (but not limited to) first year PGRs on admission to the University, we will help them through their first steps as researchers which can sometimes be difficult and feel a bit isolating.

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