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Black History Month

We’re proud to support our black students, staff and alumni.

Black History Month falls in October every year and is aimed at celebrating the culture, origins, histories and achievements of different black communities. This year, we have a mix of virtual events; some run by us and others run by local groups.

This year’s Black History Month programme has been pulled together by the BAME Ambassadors in collaboration with the Huddersfield SU Voice and Events team.

What’s on?

We have a full events programme, with things happening ever single week! You can see the full programme here, but below is a quick snapshot of some of our highlights.

So You Want to Be an Anti-Racist?

It's not enough to be "not a racist" most of the time. You have to be an anti-racist. That’s why we have asked Tre Ventour to give us a talk on how we can actively combat racism.

Race and Privilege: An Overdue Conversation

If you want to learn more about Race and Privilege, this is how you can do it. The way we have improved as a society is by having those difficult conversations about race and privilege. We're advocating for how we can be better as human race to help change these issues that face the world.

Film Screenings

A really easy way to engage in Black History Month is to just hop on Netflix or pick up a book that showcases and represents black culture. Why not join HudMovies for one of their film nights?

Our weekly themes

We’ve themed each week of Black History Month around a key topic we can openly explore. You’ll see these across our social media over the whole of October.

As we’re kicking off Black History Month with Nigerian Independence Day, our first weekly theme is celebration. This makes up the backbone of the month, with black communities having a dedicated space to be proud of their culture, heritage and history.

For the first full week of Black History Month, the theme will be “heroes”. We’ll be talking about our heroes and putting the spotlight on the work our BAME Ambassadors do.

Next, we’ll talk about language. We’re inclined to think of the word “racist” as insulting, and think ‘How could we possibly be racist when we have good intentions?’ Finding the right language helps us navigate these sensitive issues and lets us learn from each other.

The next theme will be allyship. This is one of the most important ways to combat racism. It’s often difficult to know where to start. This week we’ll focus on how to be a good ally to black communities and learn together.

As Black History Month comes to a close, we will be sharing some stories of our own students. You’re at the heart of everything we do as a Students’ Union, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We’ve gone black and white

On our Instagram, we have chosen to only upload pictures in black and white on our feed. We have done this to show that even though other things may be happening on and off campus, we are still aiming to raise awareness about Black History Month.

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