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Minutes 2019/2020 Officers

Accountability Panels

Throughout the academic year we hold Accountability Panels, a panel of students help the officers prioritise their work and make sure what they’re doing is in the best interests of students. It’s also your chance to ask the Officer Team questions and find out about what they've been doing. For more information see the minutes below.

Accountability Minutes 14/10/2019

Accountability Minutes 03/12/2019

The next Accountability Panel will be held remotely - look on our social media to find out more! Below are the documents and Officer videos.

President accountability paperwork 

Education Officer accountability paperwork

Equalities Officer accountability paperwork

Community Officer accountability paperwork

Activities Officer accountability paperwork

Open letter to the Vice Chancellor

Open letter to Mark Eastwood MP

Open letter to DIGs accommodation

DIGs reply

Follow up letter about DIGs, May 2020

Lockers and microwaves audit

Sample of volunteer accreditation certificate

Watch the videos here.