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University Funding & Students' Union Support

University Funding

The University of Huddersfield is committed to ensuring all students have access to everything they need to make their time here the best possible. They have a number of policies in place to help student parents which are dedicated to being as inclusive as possible:

  • Student Services is located on Floor 4 of Student Central and will be able to give you support with all your caring needs. The finance team offer tailored advice on the SFE (Student Finance England) process.
  • Full-time undergraduate home students with children may qualify for extra financial help on top of the standard student finance package, including:
  • Childcare Grant for help with costs
  • Parents’ Learning Allowance to help towards course costs such as books, materials and travel
  • Childcare Grant and Parents’ Learning Allowance covers up to 85% of your childcare costs during term time and holidays

Students’ Union Support

As you know we’re all about making student life better, so that’s all students including student parents. The Advice Centre along with your Wellbeing Officer are here to support and answer any questions you may have. The SU can help you with the following concerns:

  • Academic Issues, Extensions & Ecs
  • Supporting you through pregnancy
  • Helping to resolve timetabling issues
  • Childcare problems
  • Housing

The Hardship Funds

The Advice Centre can also help you process an application to the Hardship Fund which is a pot of money from the University to assist students in financial difficulty. For more information, please follow this link here