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Drug Support Information

Illegal drugs are responsible for between 1,300 and 1,400 deaths a year in the UK and mess up thousands of relationships, families and careers. That being said, many people end up in situations where they try them. The best thing you can do is be clued up and find out actual facts.

We understand some students may try drugs during their time at university. Whilst we don’t condone this, we want to ensure that if you do choose to take drugs, you are as informed as possible, and take steps to take them as safely as possible.


It is an offence to possess or supply drugs which are controlled under the abuse of Drugs Act, without legal authority - which usually means a prescription. If you are caught in possession of, participating in or supplying drugs, the University will take direct action. The University has policies to ensure the law is upheld on the University Campus. If you are caught you could be fined, removed from halls or removed from your course. Any conviction, even for possession, can have serious ramifications if you are on a course leading to a professional qualification.


Maybe you want more information or maybe you want to reduce or cut out your drug use. Whatever, you need talk to someone.

To speak to someone in confidence, get in touch with the University Wellbeing service, your GP or, Talk to Frank.

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Huddersfield drug & alcohol treatment service

Or talk in confidence: (01484) 437907