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Discover Somewhere New
Discover Somewhere New

When it comes to the sights of Huddersfield, there are a few you simply can’t miss… Greenhead Park, first opened in 1884, is a huge park perfect for anyone looking to escape somewhere for a while. Explore the botanical gardens, see if you can fit on the tiny train, or take part in their weekly park run!

If you’re looking to undertake an adventure, why not take a walk to Castle Hill? This ancient site is high above the surrounding area, which you can see for miles and miles! It might be a bit of a trek if you walk the whole way, but we guarantee the view is worth the effort! Looking to discover somewhere new? We've got a map for that! Our Give It A Go map is packed full of exciting ideas for day trips in and around Huddersfield.

A bit further afield there is Cannon Hall farm with its adorable animals, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with its eclectic artwork and vast fields to explore, the Bronte Parsonage with its rich historical and literary heritage and the Coal Mining Museum and its fascinating stories of mines and miners. We run day trips throughout the year to places like these and some even further away like Black Pool Pleasure Beach and Harry Potter Studios with our Give It A Go programme!

Castle Hill