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Life In Huddersfield
Living In Huddersfield

Where you live is such a big part of life at University and here in Huddersfield we have a huge range of accommodation options for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to go it alone in a studio,or keep it social in a shared flat or student house. All are available as a group booking or on an individual basis so the possibilities really are endless! Head on over to our HudLet’s page today the only place you can compare all of our halls and studios in one place.

If location is key then let us point you in the right direction, HudLets have properties just a stone’s throw from campus and designed with snoozing your alarm in mind! For those students looking for a slightly more laid back way of life don’t worry, Hudlets work with loads of local landlords to ensure you have plenty of choice, there is no need to worry about any student house horror stories here, HudLets make sure all of their properties are inspected regularly to meet high standards of quality and safety.