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startign your journey
Starting your journey

The International Study Centre runs the pre-sessional programme for international students. This is usually an intensive English language class for international students coming to the UK for the first time. During term time the ISC provides English courses to equip international student ahead of them starting their main course in the University.

Your Students’ Union and the International Office put together a series of events that you can get involved with every year.

During the summer, your Union and the ISC organises specific events such as the pre-sessional ping-pong and game day, craft workshops, photo-booths, and trips to exciting places that you can get involved with.

The Global Students Network also organise different events throughout the year that takes into consideration international students issues. If you want more information about the Global Student Network and How to Join it, visit their web page.

For further information on support available for you, you can visit the International Office or Students’ Union.

International Office
Floor 4, Student Central

Students' Union
Floor 5, Student Central