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Introducing the Team
Introducing the team


Hello, I’m Rebecca, your Student Engagement Coordinator, and you can talk to me about getting the best out of life in your neighbourhood. It’s my goal to help you create a happy and safe place to live during your time as a student.

The Halls Liaisons and I love to hear your ideas on how to make that happen, to give us your ideas email me or add me on Facebook Rebecca Cobb SU Halls.





Your Halls Liaisons

  • Got a problem you need help solving?
  • Want to make new friends?
  • Feeling a bit homesick?
  • Want to become an HSU Neighbour?

Your Halls Liaisons are Xander Grogan, Catarina Paulo, Mounif Safieddine, they:


International Engagement Assistant

Our team goal is a student neighbourhood that is welcoming to all. Our get-togethers are open to Home, EU and International students, and we’d really love to hear from you if you have a great idea for an event. We want a global community where you can share your culture, improve your language skills, and make friends for life. Linlin is our current International Engagement Assistant. 


HSU Neighbours

If all this has you excited to play a part, we’d love you to become an HSU Neighbour. You’d be part of a supportive team working to make life better for your student neighbourhood. But what would you be doing? How about:

  • Coming up with great ideas for events where you live, throughout the year;
  • Helping the Halls Liaisons during get-togethers;
  • Encouraging your neighbours to vote in the SU elections – and maybe even stand for office!
  • Connecting up students who are struggling with isolation, maybe even making the difference that stops them dropping out;
  • Keeping your ear to the ground about student concerns, and passing these to the Halls Liaison to take action;
  • Making noise on social media about get-togethers and team achievements;
  • Keeping your eyes open for students who are going that extra mile to be a great neighbour and recommending them for Neighbour of the Month.

So apart from making friends, gaining experience, building your CV, and learning new skills – what’s in it for you?! Dependent on how much time you can commit to the scheme throughout the academic year you can earn one of three certificates:

  1. SILVER: 20 hours logged
  2. GOLD: 40 hours logged
  3. PLATINUM: 60 hours logged

These will be presented to you at the SU Awards, and you might even find yourself nominated for Neighbour of the Year.

But wait! There’s more! If you log 20 hours during term one, you can earn a free ticket to Hudlive Presents in January!


You’ll be part of a close team who are encouraged to ask first if in doubt – you never need to feel that you’re on your own. In addition, there are regular peer support events organised by the Students’ Union that you can attend. It’s a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge about higher education and how the University and the Students’ Union work.

Email to get the ball rolling!