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Building a Community
Building a Community

New for 2018 we're bringing the SU to you at home! You can get access to all the SU has to offer - from advice and support, to special events, training and activities. Each residence in our pilot scheme has a dedicated Halls Assistant who is there to connect you up with all our services. 

We're looking for volunteers to become Halls Liaison Reps, working as little as two hours per week during term time, you'll play a big part in this new project to build a connected student community and have something great to put on your CV too. Being a Halls Liaison Rep is not only a great way to meet new people and learn new skills but a way to make #HudHallsLife better for everyone!

We're trialling the scheme at the moment and are working with the following halls:

  • Oldgate
  • Saw Mill
  • Aspley House
  • Castings House
  • Storthes Hall

We're hoping to roll it out to all halls in the near future so if your home doesn't appear above but you think it should, please get in touch.