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Halls Ambassadors

Working with each of the different halls, the HSU Neighbours are here to be a friendly face to help you settle into student life. As we go through the year we'll have a whole host of events and activities to make your halls experience the best it can be! We also have a range of volunteering opportunities where you can join the neighbours team.


Halls Ambassadors Events - From welcome drop-in sessions, Give it a Go sessions and the HSU on tour we have a wide range of events through the year! Come and take a look at what we've got planned...

Join our team

The HSU Hall Ambassadors live and work in your halls of residence, and are supported by the SU Outreach Team. They are a close knit team of volunteers who provide events, activities, and support right where you live. Joining the Hall Ambassador Team can count toward your GPA.

If you’d like to be part of improving student life in your group accommodation, while developing new skills that employers are looking for, we’d love you to apply for one of these roles:

HSU Ambassador Leader:

You’re ready to motivate your team to make 2021/22 the best year yet for halls residents. You can connect the dots. You will: chair meetings; keep your team up to date; work with a variety of stakeholders from the SU, to halls management, to local businesses; ensure that your team feels valued; and working closely with the SU Outreach Team keep plans on track. You’ll have your eye on the detail and on the big picture.

Communications Officer:

You’ll be focused on creating great content for the team social media accounts. You’ll know how to turn the ambassadors’ ideas into eye catching posts that make everyone wish they lived in your halls. You’ll have a great relationship with the SU Marketing Team, and you’ll help them to spread the word on the issues that matter. You’ll also encourage residents to have use their voice and share their ideas.

Events Officer:

Working with the team you’ll come up with great ideas for events, activities, and campaigns in your accommodation – and you’ll make them a reality! You’ll find out what residents in your accommodation want to see going on in their student neighbourhood and you’ll make it happen.

Wellbeing Liaison:

Your goal is to insure that when life hits a bump for residents in your halls, that they know exactly where to go for the right support. You’ll have a great relationship with the SU Advice Centre Team, and you’ll them to spread the word about the support that is available to struggling students.

General HSU Ambassador:

Perhaps you’re not ready for a leadership role but you still want to help out and gain experience? Then this is the role for you. You might find yourself playing host at a games night, giving moral support to someone who is missing home, or giving out free pizza – whatever you do you’ll give it your all.

Applications close 5th July 2021 at 9am.

Join Our Team

Let's hear from our current Ambassadors

Phanthita Sripanya

Being a Halls Ambassador made me feel I'm part of something important and part of a community. It definitely helped me be more confident in expressing my ideas and the courage to talk and meet new people.

Samathi Korala

Being a Halls Ambassador made me feel like a part of the student community. Honestly speaking, due to whole pandemic situation I haven't been able to socialise at all during this year being my first year at uni, and it would get depressive sometimes. Being a member of the team, gave an opportunity to take part in activities that boosted my self esteem and also gave me a chance to meet new people.