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Thai Boxing

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What is Muay Thai/Thai boxing?

Thai boxing is a sport that is becoming more and more popular around the world. Even though it is already one of the most used striking arts used today (used not only in Thai and K1 but in MMA bouts including the UFC) it is still growing as a sport – especially in the UK. Gyms from up and down the country are training increasingly talented prospects that are following an already star-studded line-up of British fighters. You’d be surprised as to how many world champions we’ve produced and are still producing!



Why do people join?

All that being said about fighting, people do not just take part in Thai boxing for the competitive side of the sport. At the university society for example, the majority of people who attend are trying the sport for the first time and use the training sessions we offer as a way to get fit and our frequent social nights to make friends. And although there are opportunities for people to spar and get involved with the competitive side it is not essential and you will never be asked to do it if you don’t want to.

What can I expect in the training sessions?

In training sessions you can expect a mixture of things. Some sessions we may focus on technique and hitting pads which is where you learn how to throw shots properly and with power. Other times we might focus on strength and conditioning challenging you physically which has a number of benefits. Thai boxing works on your fitness, core, strength, power, balance and is an incredible stress relief. No matter what your goals you’ll find something for you in our sport.

Who can join?

Anyone can join the society and we encourage anyone who is thinking about it to attend a session first to gauge whether it’s something they’d be interested in. We have absolute beginners and experienced members with a mixture of boys and girls so everyone is welcome.

What about the social side?

Every Wednesday the society gets together and goes out around the town on socials. We have sponsorships from a few bars and clubs so our members are able to reap the benefits by getting free entry and discount cards. This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and get to know other members outside of training.

Is there anything else?

For the first time in the society’s history we have been able to secure special seminars from world champion Thai Boxers from around the country. For a huge discount you get the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. It is an invaluable opportunity and whether you’re new to the sport or experienced you will not want to miss these! Guest coaches will be the form of multiple world champions Liam Harrison, Andy Howson, Kevin Harper and many more…

When and where is training? Mondays 5-6 pm and Thursdays 7-8pm at the Uni Sports Hall, Fridays 6-7pm at the Kirklees Leisure Centre

Costs of training are covered in the membership fee so you get a lot of training for not a lot of money!

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