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The Huddersfield University Taekwon-Do Club presents to you an exciting opportunity to embark on perhaps the most incredible journey of your life.
Our mission, is you! Our community encourages all students to engage in an environment that is physically, mentally and spiritually beneficial. Our weekly sessions feature a variety of skills, including self-defence, sparring, drills, patterns and a vast range of attacking and defensive
Our events include: 
- Demonstrations to the public
- Seminars, which enables students the opportunity to train with Masters from around the world
- Competitions, both individual and team performances for the chance to win medals
- We also host an annual Christmas event to allow our students to relax, have fun and reflect on their personal achievements

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or advanced, with a high degree of fitness, flexibility or none - it does not matter, our club allows you weekly training sessions of the highest standard to enable you to work at your own pace. We are a relaxed and friendly environment, and our mission is to share our knowledge and skills with you. We encourage you to come along to one of our try-out sessions to determine if this is the right club for you. Also, take into consideration the fact that all Masters, Instructors and Seniors were once beginners too so do not feel overwhelmed or dissuaded to join us.

What is Taekwon-Do?
Taekwon-Do is a Korean Martial Art, the translation meaning ‘Art of the Hand and Foot’, - it is a self-defence system providing the traditional training skills within unarmed combat. The journey of the art is mentally stimulating as well as physical. We live by our philosophical virtues in order to bring peace and justice to the world.

Our Instructor
Our training derives from the International Taekwon-Do Federation and United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association. We are very fortunate to offer you training workshops conducted by our local ITF and UKTA Instructor Mr. Johnnie Chan (fifth degree), trained in France, Korea, Japan and Hong
Kong. Mr Chan has represented ITF England in various World Championships

Contact- President Michael Greenwood-

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