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Being a postgraduate student can be challenging and would require support from internal and external areas, and this was the motivation for us to present our PG society.


We wish to welcome all PhD’s and Master students to our society, where we are aiming to make the PG’s journey more connected, friendly and reachable by everyone. We would like to increase postgraduate, international and home students’ participation and awareness, by improving communications between those student bodies and the Students' Union. Moreover, to ensure that each PG’s ideas are well presented and implemented in university environments.


Our aims:

-       Bring all PG’s together in a social and friendly environment.

-       You are not alone! We would like to support all your needs during your journey, to make it a remarkable experience

-       Provide you with the right information or direct you where to find them whether it’s academic, wellbeing, financial, or social.

-       Ensure that your voice and ideas are well presented and implemented correctly for our current and coming PG’s.


We look forward to a more engaging and participatory society in order to have an enjoyable and memorable year.


For any inquiries please contact society president:  Babatunde Animashaun (






Refresher Week



PG event + Black Postgraduates Networking Event


17:00- 19:00

International festival food stall+ Game/movie/coffee night

Date to be confirmed


Christmas Event

10/12/2019 (Date to be confirmed)

17:00- 19:00

2nd semester welcoming (Refresher week)

09/01/2019 (Date to be confirmed)

17:00- 19:00

Game/movie/coffee event


17:00- 19:00

Game/movie/coffee event


17:00- 19:00

Easter Party


17:00- 19:00

Game/movie/coffee event


17:00- 19:00

Barbecue/ Game/movie/coffee event


15:00- 19:00

Barbecue/ Game/movie/coffee event


15:00- 19:00

End of year event


17:00- 19:00


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To join a Sports Club, you are only expected to pay one instalment of £40 to access any club. This money is paid directly into the Students’ Union and goes straight back into funding club activities. Anyone who has paid this sports fee is also eligible to play for any BUCS team. If a student would like to join a sports club that has a paid coach, there will be an additional coaching fee that needs paying (between £20 & £40).

Every membership will have a 50p transaction fee implemented by our website provider. The 50p will be added on to every membership price and you will pay it when you buy your membership, (for example, a society membership may be £10 for the year, but will appear as £10.50 with the transaction fee added).

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Each activity group adheres to the Student Activity Group Policy, which details the conduct and behaviour and the steps taken following breaches of this. The Student Activity Group Policy can be found, along with other policies, here:


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