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Business Society (HUBSoc)

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Welcome to HUBSoc! 

We started this society to bring together students who are interested in Business and provide networking, social and academic opportunities. 


Activities & Events

Throughout this year we will be hosting numerous events for students to engage with and take part in, including:

  • Quiz nights  
  • Social nights out
  • Networking events
  • Guest speakers
  • New for 2019/20 is The HUBSoc podcast, hosted by our academic officer, that you can listen to at any time!

And much more as the year goes on!


2019/2020 Aims 

We want to continue to grow the society and engage new members in getting involved and meeting other students. We will be working together as a committee to bring you engaging guest speakers, events, learning opportunities and some great socials. 


Contact details

You can contact any of the committee members by emailing the society at, our personal accounts listed below or drop us a message on our social media!


Committee members


President- Rachel Crooks-

Vice President- Micheal France-

Academic Officer- Tom Rolls-

Events Co-ordinator- Xander Grogan- U1852333@unimail.hud.

Social Media Officer- Georgina Walton-


Find us on social media

Instagram- @hubsoc

Twitter- HUB_Soc

Facebook- @HuddersfieldUniversityBusinessSociety